Blueprint for accelerated cloud adoption

By Melanie Batley

As organizations being to move into recovery mode and start planning for work in the new normal, cloud adoption is top of mind for CIOs. The pandemic has triggered massive changes in customer demand, the future of work, and business models, and has accelerated digital transformation, with the cloud underpinning it all.

Yet those that have quickly scaled cloud in the current environment have in many cases done so without strategic thinking about a sustainable strategy. Enterprise leaders including Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), and Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are tasked with solving this adoption challenge, and a new KPMG paper provides a blueprint that can help. 

Cloud Smart: Enabling Business Collaboration, Agility, and Resilience outlines the challenges businesses face, as well as a set of solutions businesses can deploy to successfully scale cloud adoption and maximize its benefits.

“It’s vital for business leaders to understand the importance of accelerating the migration of applications, solutions, workloads, websites and more to the cloud in order to support the new workplace,” said Denis Berry, Principal, CIO Advisory Lead, KPMG.  “Facing this challenge, however, means confronting a dizzying set of complex functional, technical, and leadership – with the imperative to build and guide a fundamentally new business model that fuels a new work culture of collaboration.”

What is KPMG’s advice to business leaders on how to become “Cloud Smart”? The firm outlines three key steps. 

Lead by defining the cloud as your organization’s new foundation for business.  According to the report, business leaders including CTOs, CIOs, and CDOs need to present a clear vision and rationale for cloud implementation at scale; an operational roadmap that speaks to the enterprise transformation that will be required; a transparent understanding of the necessary investment; and how they will establish the enterprise mindset necessary to ensure risk management and security.

Transform by scaling cloud across the enterprise. Transforming the operating model of any enterprise is the most complex part of the cloud journey. The range of applications and functions across a traditional environment can be daunting to prioritize. And the number of platforms and services to choose from – let alone match to those applications and functions – can make decision-making highly complex and challenging.

Align talent by building a culture of digital collaboration One of the biggest reasons enterprises suffer from stalled cloud migrations is the failure to align talent and employee experience with where the business is trying to go. Simply put, the organization needs to think and act differently. This includes the need for business leaders to address behavioral change management and training in order to adopt cloud at scale; solving for shortfalls in talent and skills as the enterprise moves to a fluid, cloud-dominant infrastructure; inspiring a culture of cloud-based agile collaboration and innovation; and breaking up siloed cultures in favor of agile practices that are so important in a digital operating model.

The paper concludes that Cloud Smart organizations understand that the cloud is not optional; it’s a strategic business imperative to remain relevant to customers and competitive from a service delivery standpoint. Enterprises that are Cloud Smart will be at the head of the pack in the transformation race – and at the forefront of innovation.

“As the COVID-19 pandemic is vividly illustrating, any organization that does not have the elements in place to redesign the future of work and rapidly actualize new business models will struggle to achieve the necessary speed and agility required to remain competitive,” Berry said.

For more information or to arrange an interview with Denis Berry, please contact Melanie Batley.

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Cloud smart
Enabling business collaboration, agility, and resilience

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