Should firms invest in their people or technology?

By Mike DiClaudio

It’s the age old question for leaders of any organization. How do you get the right blend of people and technology in order to be successful, profitable and/or meet the key performance indicators by which you measure success?  

Most enterprises have a finite amount of dollars and resources to invest, which begs the age-old chicken-and-egg question:  Where do you invest as a leader? Systems to support future growth? People to implement this growth strategy? Both? Elsewhere?

It’s like the old beer commercial debate – “taste great vs. less-filling.” And firms that have cracked the code of people vs. technology will be successful. However, the answer may surprise you.  

There are other considerations, especially as companies hire and engage with generations of workers who may not remember or even have heard of that classic commercial where two groups debate whether they should drank a beer with flavor or one with a lot of carbs. [See link below: “Tastes Great. Less-Filling.]

The answer in that case was both. And it may be the same for today’s organizations struggling with the people-technology conundrum.

For more thoughts on this topic, click on the image below for a replay of a recent webinar by Consulting magazine entitled, “Should Firms Invest in Their People or Their Technology?”

The replay will be live for 90 days. And if you really want to see what that old beer commercial was about, click here.

Mike DiClaudio, a principal in KPMG's Advisory practice, is People & Change leader.


Click on the image to go to the replay. It’s live until January 28, 2019. Complimentary sign-up may be required.

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