Helping defense department CIOs meet the RMF mandate

Tony Hubbard says software solutions can take the complexity out of meeting this requirement.

By Jim McGann

Facing tight budgets and cyber mandates, government CIOs know that innovation is essential to success.

Tony Hubbard, KPMG’s federal cyber leader, says that CIOs supporting the Department of Defense in particular face a range of cyber requirements – including the so-called Risk Management Framework (RMF).

RMF will require these CIOs to migrate thousands of security documents to a new system. It’s a very manual and time-consuming process – yet a fall deadline looms.

“DoD CIOs need solutions, such as a software tool that helps navigate this cumbersome process,” said Hubbard. “That’s where KPMG comes in. We’ve developed a tool that takes the complexity out of the RMF process.”

Hubbard is a principal with more than 25 years of experience providing cybersecurity services to the federal government.


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