How blockchain is transforming core operations, tax and finance departments

By Taylor Ovalle

The reality that blockchain is no longer synonymous with just cryptocurrency seems well understood by business leaders. But these same executives may not fully appreciate that blockchain technology can also help evolve and improve core operations, as well as entire tax and finance departments, by helping to solve critical data issues, streamlining business processes, transforming the workforce and, ultimately, adding real value to the overall organization.

On February 14, at IBM THINK, KPMG Tax Blockchain Leader David Jarczyk and Advisory Blockchain Director Tegan Keele will discuss how blockchain technology can change businesses and how KPMG is helping organizations unlock the value of blockchain in the session “From Supply Chain to Global Trade: Using Blockchain to Reinvent Business Processes.”

Their message: Through its still largely untapped potential, blockchain can help businesses mitigate inefficiencies in supply chains, address the challenges of global trade and tariffs, improve product tracking and safety, help reduce fraud, automate certain tax processes, better track and protect data, and so much more.

David Jarczyk on the value of Blockchain 


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KPMG professionals are helping early blockchain adopters assess how and where blockchain may fit into their current organizational framework and evaluate the potential business implications for their tax, audit, trade and compliance operations. 

Jarczyk and Keele will share examples of how KPMG is working with clients today across industries to help implement blockchain-based methodologies that can reshape how their organizations do business tomorrow – including helping them realize cash savings. They will discuss leading practices for working with platform providers such as IBM Garage, and integrating the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT), tokenization, and security, as part of building a blockchain.

Can’t be at IBM Think live? On February 26, KPMG Tax will launch the first in a series of webcasts dedicated to unlocking the value of blockchain, addressing blockchain basics and opportunities, describing private versus permissioned blockchain use, and providing additional real world examples.

Click here to register for the inaugural webcast.

To learn more about blockchain and to speak with David Jarczyk or Tegan Keele, contact Taylor Ovalle.


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