How businesses can make the most of intelligent automation

Tony Hubbard says software solutions can take the complexity out of meeting this requirement.

By Taylor Ovalle

KPMG is challenging others to ‘think’ critically about innovation and digital transformation at the upcoming IBM Think 2018 conference, which will bring together thousands of business and technology professionals across industries.

KPMG’s co-chief tax innovation officer, Brad Brown, will participate in the keynote address alongside IBM Watson General Manager Beth Smith. The theme? Artificial intelligence for professionals.

Together, Brown and Smith will discuss how companies around the world are putting IBM Watson – an AI platform that embeds itself into workflows, learns from small data sets, and allows you to own your insights – to work.

Steve Hill – KPMG’s global head of innovation – will discuss how KPMG is using Watson to help companies create more empowering work environments, integrate mass amounts of data to enable better decision making, rethink business models, and deliver greater value so that they are agile and relevant in the 21st century.

And KPMG technology & automation principal Todd Lohr will continue the digital transformation theme by addressing the ethics that should accompany the adoption of cognitive automation. Lohr challenges us to dig deep into a company’s core values before making sweeping decisions about implementing cognitive automation.

Pervasive digitization and technological disruption is changing the business landscape and the way humans work with technology. KPMG is at the forefront of helping companies adapt to the rapid change and to embrace all the benefits that this digital transformation journey has to offer.

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Through KPMG’s alliance with IBM, we’re developing cognitive solutions with Watson that allow greater collaboration between humans and systems. Ensuring the ‘human in the loop’ means that our professionals’ skills and experience will be augmented by systems to help deliver richer insights for our clients.
Brad Brown, KPMG Co-Chief Tax Innovation Officer

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