How CFOs can make the most of disruption

It's time for the corporate finance function to replace transactional processing and historical reporting with an organization that adds business insights.

1 in 3 CEOs believe they will see a major disruption in the coming 3 years as a result of technology advances
Future of Finance: Finance disrupted, KPMG

By Christopher Bacey

What are the biggest disruptors of finance today and in the next few years? What are the topics highest on CFOs’ agendas? Are organizations leveraging the opportunities that disruption presents?

The answers to these and other pressing questions were discussed during an hour-long webcast presented by KPMG Advisory’s U.S. Financial Management practice, as well as in a new series for CFOs and finance leaders, called “Future of Finance.”

In the wake of rapid disruption, leading CFOs must take an in-depth look at the future of their finance organizations and the changing demands of the finance function to achieve true transformation.
John E. Mulhall, KPMG Financial Management Service Network Lead

One answer everyone agrees on: It’s time for the corporate finance function to replace transactional processing and historical reporting with a finance organization that performs as a true partner that adds business insights.

In the wake of rapid business and technological disruption, CEOs are looking to the finance function to take on a broader and deeper set of strategic responsibilities that ever.

The majority of webcast participants surveyed (52%) said they see emerging technologies and big data as the biggest disruptor of finance today and in the next few years.
Michael Kokotajlo, Director, Advisory, Financial Management

So how should they respond? What should CFOs do?

The “Future of Finance,” seeks to answer some of these questions.

The first installment, “Finance Disrupted, examines six key focus areas and offers real-life example companies already dealing with disruption.

Many CFOs are already disrupting their own organizations.

Some company CFOs have already turned their visions into reality.

The next step is looking at how CFOs should respond.

Here are practical steps company CFOs can take to respond to disruption.

Please contact Christopher Bacey for more information or to speak with John Mulhall or Michael Kokotajlo.

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