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COVID-19 Case Surge Adds New Risk for Hospital Finance

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By Justin DiMinni

As the daily number of new U.S. cases surge, healthcare providers were left to face new risks and exposure with the prospects of successive waves of cases.

We asked Ash Shehata, KPMG’s National Sector Leader for Healthcare & Life Sciences, about the recent surge in cases, what vaccines or enhanced treatments could do for healthcare providers, and expected transformation in the sector.

“We are seeing a tale of two cities,” said Ash. “Some organizations have the financial wherewithal and the support to build upon their success.”

“Many organizations continue to suffer,” Ash continued. “We’re going to continue to see that dislocation in the healthcare economy.” Despite CARES Act funding to help hospitals and health systems, many healthcare providers have suspended elective surgeries through much of 2020 to reduce the spread of coronavirus, leaving many hospitals’ finances in a dire condition.  Hear more on this episode of In the Know.

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Ash Shehata

Ash Shehata

Principal, National Sector Leader for HCLS, KPMG US

+1 513-763-2428

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Justin DiMinni

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