Podcast series explores business challenges amid 'perfect storm' of disruption

KPMG's Mike Nolan discusses the role of innovation in the first installment of "In the Know."

Podcast overview

By Kristen Morgan

KPMG is launching a podcast series, In The Know, featuring discussions about market trends and how businesses are responding to urgent and complex challenges arising from disruption.

The podcasts are hosted by Megan Vega, a former broadcast journalist and member of KPMG’s Corporate Reputation and Digital Communications team. They feature KPMG and industry leaders discussing the most critical challenges businesses face today.

The first In the Know podcast features a conversation with Mike Nolan, KPMG’s Vice Chair of Innovation & Enterprise Solutions, on how KPMG and its clients are using innovation to respond to what he describes as the “perfect storm” of disruption.


Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan

Vice Chair, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions, KPMG US