Venture Pulse Q1 2021

An incredibly strong exit market, high valuations, and a highly competitive market for Venture Capital deals helped drive Venture Capital funding in the US through the roof in the first quarter of ’21. Will that continue in the second quarter?

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By Justin DiMinni

Venture capital investment in the U.S. hit new records in Q1 ‘21, driven by a strong exit market, high valuations and a flood of SPACs.  In addition, optimism around the vaccine rollout has turned investors to long-term, ‘new normal’ opportunities.

These were just some of the key findings in KPMG’s Q1 ’21 Venture Pulse report just released: https://home.kpmg/xx/en/home/campaigns/2021/04/venture-pulse-q1.html

Private Enterprise leader Conor Moore and Silicon Valley Private Enterprise leader Shivani Sopory discussed the report’s findings, the trends they are seeing, and how the market is changing as a result of the vaccine rollout across the country. 

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Conor Moore

Conor Moore

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Shivani Sopory

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Justin DiMinni

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