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KPMG Named Informatica's 2023 Global Innovation Partner of the Year

LAS VEGAS; January 24, 2024 – KPMG LLP, a leading audit, tax, and advisory firm has been recognized as the 2023 Global Innovation Partner of the Year by alliance partner Informatica for the second year in a row. This recognition is a testament to the firm's commitment to fostering innovation and leveraging data for digital transformation and generative AI.

The AI revolution is also a data revolution. It requires a broadening of the data estate scope to include both structured data and content/documents as the vital raw material to power high quality AI driven insights. KPMG continues to innovate and leverage leading solutions such as the KPMG Modern Data Platform, the KPMG Resource Integration Suite (KRIS) Connected Platform, and the KPMG Powered Data Migration enabled by Informatica – all being industry and enterprise-grade capabilities which enable data-driven digital transformations.

"Being recognized as Informatica's 2023 Global Innovation Partner of the Year for the second year in a row reflects the culmination of many years of innovation and commitment to digital transformation and further emphasizes our commitment to pushing boundaries in the digital space. It's an honor for KPMG to receive this award, and we remain dedicated to helping our clients achieve digital transformation by providing industry-leading capabilities and solutions," Matteo Colombo, Principal, Advisory Lighthouse, said.

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, technology leaders are increasingly under pressure to unleash the full power of their data and accelerate their organizations to a data-driven future. Establishing a robust data infrastructure is pivotal for organizations aiming to maximize the potential of cutting-edge technologies. KPMG enables businesses to fully harness the power of data, enhance digital capabilities and manage complex data challenges, helping clients transform their data landscapes, gain valuable insights, and drive the adoption new and emerging technology like generative AI.

With a solid data foundation, organizations can benefit from using data, analytics, and AI solutions to drive innovation and collaboration at all stages of a transformation journey. Providing new capabilities and tailored industry solutions for companies is integral to how KPMG advances the digital transformation journey.

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