Speed to modern technology

Imperatives for today’s most innovative CIOs

By Sachin Satija, KPMG U.S. Partner, CIO Advisory, Emerging Tech & Cloud, and Danielle Beringer, KPMG U.S. Managing Director, Lighthouse, Modern Data Platform and Data Engineering

At the CIO 100 Symposium & Awards 2022, KPMG will share insights into the experiences that have helped CIOs and IT executives solve for current and upcoming business challenges. Here’s a sneak peek:

With the exponential growth of data and revenue channels and increasing demand for tailored, intuitive and digital-first experiences that cater to end-user needs, CIOs juggle many responsibilities. Here are three ways successful CIOs can bring forward the power of technology to transform businesses:

1.       Build a future-ready foundation. 

Accelerating transformation requires a refreshed vision that is aligned with business goals, along with a trusted but highly modernized IT estate that drives value for the enterprise. The opportunity arises for creating a “Metamorphic IT” landscape, where business pressures can be met with digital dexterity, automation, cost optimization and data accessibility, enabled by new ways of working. Modern resources for the workforce, including analytics, data science and certified data products, are essential for unlocking greater insights and informing business decisions.

2.       Recognize and navigate roadblocks along the transformation journey, to accelerate speed to value. 

Intentional focus on initiatives across people, process and technology are pivotal to the success of any transformation. Without buy-in and a clear understanding of the operating landscape, CIOs cannot fully realize the value of modern technology. Effectively mediating technology sprawl, cybersecurity imperatives, cloud modernization complexity and upskilling talent needs are just a few anticipated challenges that require innovation.

3.       Galvanize business and technology teams. 

CIOs must foster an operating model that breaks business and technology barriers to create a sense of community where ideation and innovation can flourish. Leveraging a cloud-first, API-first and security-first emerging technology stack, where core services provide an expedited deployment plane, where business and IT can create value is essential. This allows for greater speed to market, higher data utility, sustainable operations and a high performing ecosystem to support value-driven transformation.





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