KPMG technology aids fight against COVID-19

By Bill Borden

Recognizing the need for technologies to help advance the response and recovery to the COVID-19 pandemic, KPMG deployed its data and analytics capabilities to address emerging challenges tied to matching recovered patients with those in clinical trials.

Data and analytics can simplify the process of matching patients who have recovered with patients that are undergoing clinical trials or have FDA exemptions to use antibodies of recovered patients.

“We have a unique opportunity to leverage our technology and deep experience in data and analytics and artificial intelligence to hopefully help increase the study of convalescent plasma therapy to treat COVID-19,” said Cliff Justice, principal and U.S. leader, Digital Capabilities.

According to media reports, the FDA paused the use of convalescent plasma therapy for emergency cases, citing inconclusive data. A federal registry for clinical trials lists 54 U.S. studies of convalescent plasma therapy for treating COVID-19, with a majority of them still recruiting patients. 

KPMG’s digital architecture also provides healthcare and government decision makers with the tools to gain the necessary insights about the need for social distancing and the resumption of commerce, which is a component of KPMG’s recently announced “Restarting America” initiative to help organizations safely reopen workplaces.

KPMG’s capabilities can make the plasma donation process easier and more efficient by automating the complex tasks and logistics associated with the data collection, qualification and matching process by performing statistical analytics, and using artificial intelligence (AI) and virtualized data.  It is designed to integrate third-party data from blood banks, hospitals, and diagnostic labs and work with data backbones and existing technology applications that are already in place, such as IT infrastructure owned by governments and hospitals.

“We designed this to ease the burden on donors, accelerate the COVID-19 plasma donation process and provide better visibility to health authorities, while while helping facilitate the study of convalescent plasma,,” said Bharat Rao, PhD, principal and leader of data and analytics for healthcare & life sciences at KPMG.

In addition to matching patients with COVID-19 antibody donors, KPMG’s technology architecture can be deployed for contact tracing and monitoring vaccine use when one is available to help policymakers with population health and social distancing measures.  

KPMG’s data & analytics platform is designed to be Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant, which sets a legal standard for patient privacy.

Bill Borden is a member of KPMG's Corporate Communications team. Please contact him for additional information or to arrange an interview.

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