MDR – Safeguarding Your Organizations’ Cyber Environment

By Tarun Sondhi, Principal, Cyber Consulting and Managed Security Services, KPMG LLP & Charlie Jacco, Principal, Advisory, Cyber Security Services, KPMG LLP

With the volatility of the current socioeconomic environment, cybersecurity leaders, more than ever, are under increased pressure to safeguard their organizations’ cyber environment and protect their organizations against a breach. In addition, they need to demonstrate compliance and address rapidly changing global regulatory requirements with agility and purpose.

According to a recent IBM report on the cost of data breaches, a breach lifecycle under 200 days costs $1 million less than a lifecycle over 200 days. The solution to reducing costs and confidently moving on with business is to have the capability to respond to cyber threats in near real time and by real people, minimizing exposure.

To address this urgent market need and shift cybersecurity operations from a cost center to a business enabler, KPMG LLP has developed a unique and differentiated Managed Detection and Response (MDR) offering. This innovative solution, which is the first to be fully built on an all-Microsoft Azure stack in Microsoft Sentinel, focuses on the ultimate unit of measure: reducing Dwell Time! The longer a cyber environment is breached, the greater the damage. Therefore, by decreasing dwell time, an organization can reduce damage and reduce costs while rapidly adjusting controls to protect against future breaches.

How does MDR work? The solution uses accelerators that maximize the utility of security analysts by automating much of the Level One triage activities to lower false positives and enriches Level Two to Level Three activities thus allowing analysts to exercise their experience and depth in the domain while spending less time collecting insights.

This threat hunting approach leverages threat intelligence information, harnesses AI and Machine Learning, uses techniques such as user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), to build muscle memory of new techniques. All these instrumentation techniques help identify threats and quickly eradicate them — reducing Dwell Time.

In addition, MDR’s all-Microsoft Azure stack allows organizations to never give up custody of their most important asset: critical data.

The MDR solution is a 100% cloud-native offering that proactively detects, responds and contains threats effectively and efficiently, providing organizations with security resources, technology and insights when they are needed.

More than ever before, the digital environment leaves organizations exposed. Cybersecurity leaders need to act now to prevent disruption of their business operations — a significant breach can lead to major financial and reputational damage. KPMG MDR helps organizations build and maintain a more secure cyber environment. 

To learn more about KPMG MDR or to arrange an interview with Tarun Sondhi and/or Charlie Jacco of KPMG LLP, please contact Andreas Marathovouniotis.

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