What's next in digital transformation and cloud

By Christopher Bacey

In an effort to streamline operations and improve customer experience, businesses are increasingly turning to digital technologies, automation -- and to the cloud.

In front of more than 30,000 IT professionals and executives attending Google Cloud Next ‘19, KPMG was excited to share how, working with Google Cloud, the firm is helping businesses automate key processes to drive better outcomes. And we’re are doing so by helping these organizations transform their business and operating models with secure cloud computing, machine learning (ML), enterprise mobility and advance analytics technologies.

As a a top sponsor of Next ‘19, KPMG showcased its ability to lead and leverage Google Cloud technology to solve business issues. Visitors to KPMG exhibits learned about our Google Cloud capabilities and solutions from across the firm, including Intelligent Interactions, Advanced Data & Analytics with KPMG Ignite, DevOps and Modern Delivery, and our Connected Customer Service approach with teams from industry, the Lighthouse, Digital Enablement, and CIO Advisory.

In addition, an integrated KPMG team demonstrated a new “Banking Concierge” offering in Google Cloud’s Industry Showcase for Financial Services.

"Our investment and capability in machine learning, smart analytics and other intelligent automation technologies is underpinned by a business-first, issues-led approach that helps KPMG clients achieve a more consistent and improved customer experience," said Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, Advisory Principal, Customer and Operations global service line lead and Google alliance global lead partner.

Seventh KPMG Ignition Center Opens

Meanwhile, KPMG just opened its seventh and largest “Ignition Center” in Chicago. The 30,000 square foot space brings together the firm’s collective capabilities across signal sensing, design-thinking, Data and Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), strategy, business process and technology to prototype, develop and implement new technology solutions. Read more about our Ignition Centers here.

Whether at Google Next 19, our Ignition Centers and elsewhere, KPMG member firms are engaging with clients every day on solutions for financial services, insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail, among other industries.

To connect with Miriam Hernandez-Kakol on how KPMG and Google help enrich the customer experience and accelerate digital transformation, contact Andreas Marathovouniotis.

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