On the front lines of the IA revolution

By David H.W. Turner

Across every industry, Intelligent Automation (IA) is transforming how people work and how companies compete and win in the marketplace.  It’s a revolution that KPMG is helping to drive by implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other cognitive technologies in the workplace as part of our firm’s digital transformation.  We’re using BOTs to help make our people more productive and our firm more efficient as we also demonstrate for our clients the transformative power of IA.  As Chief Financial Officer, I am particularly passionate about how we in business support roles that can help drive this transformation.   

KPMG is deploying automation to reduce administrative and repetitive tasks.  Employees can then redirect their time and energy into strategic initiatives that make a difference to our firm and our clients.  In fact, across the firm, we are already saving over 200,000 hours of employee capacity annually. That’s less time spent on generating reports or compiling data and more time on innovation and collaboration to improve work processes and deliver more value to our client-facing partners and professionals.

At the same time, our internal digital transformation can be a model for the firm’s clients. Through leading by example, we can demonstrate the type of efficiencies and savings that KPMG can help clients replicate.  This is a fantastic demonstration of how our internal teams can help the firm grow and succeed.   

Change is often difficult and one of this scope and scale can sometimes be challenging to embrace.  Yet, I believe IA to be a net positive for everyone.  It reduces the menial tasks that all jobs encompass. It lets people devote themselves to higher level, and ultimately, more satisfying work.  And, through training the firm provides in RPA development, it allows people to pursue a new career as they work with colleagues to create exciting and better automations.

I just sat down with CFO Studio magazine to discuss the way IA is transforming how work gets done as well as share highlights of my career journey. If you have a few minutes, I encourage you to take a look.

The revolution isn’t coming.  It’s here, and the best place for KPMG to be is on the front lines.

David H.W. Turner is chief financial officer of KPMG in the U.S. To arrange an interview, please contact Neil Scognamiglio.      

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