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The new employee deal in the technology industry

How COVID-19 and the ESG movement are redefining the workplace




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The ESG imperative for technology companies

As the world recovers from COVID-19, technology companies will be asked to report their performance through an ESG lens.

What tech companies are THINKING about ESG


Environmental/climate change is the biggest risk to growth1


86% think the tech industry requires more regulation and standards in the area of sustainability2


of tech CEOs feel it is their personal responsibility to ensure their ESG policies reflect their customer's values1


79% agree that their organization's growth will be determined by their ability to shift to a clean technology economy1


agree they must look beyond financial growth to achieve sustainable success1

What tech companies are DOING about ESG


26% have significant incorporation of ESG into their strategic planning2


say climate change is having a high impact on their company's investment/funding2


45% are struggling to link their growth strategy with a wider societal purpose1


feel their sustainability experts are very effective1


37% belive their governance experts are very effective1


Global CEO Outlook, KPMG International 2019
2Technology Industry Innovation Survey, KPMG LLP(U.S.), 2020

Investment in technology innovation 

  • Tech companies are indeed investing in technologies they believe to be transformative.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is the top technology that tech companies are investing in today and plan to continue investing in three years from now.
  • Forty-four percent of tech company leaders expect significant return on investment (ROI) within the first six months of implementing an innovative technology, and 71 percent expect it within the first year.
  • A significant number of large tech enterprises (40%) show very conservative investment (<$10 million annually) in innovation driven by emerging technologies.
  • By following a new model of dynamic investing, tech companies could achieve faster pivots on technology bets and more quickly capitalize on innovation opportunities.







Timing to achieve significant ROI on innovative technologies

Source: KPMG Technology Industry Innovation Survey, 2019


Likelihood your company will implement blockchain technology in the next three years

Source: KPMG Technology Industry Innovation Survey, 2019

Blockchain for technology companies

  • 15 percent of global technology company CIOs report they have already made moderate or significant investment in blockchain technology.
  • 41 percent of global technology industry leaders expect to implement blockchain technology in the next three years.
  • Almost half (48 percent) believe it is likely that blockchain will change the way their company does business in the next three years.
  • The greatest disruption resulting from blockchain is anticipated to take place in the area of IoT processes (tracking upgrades, product refills, warranties, etc.).





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