Top 10 technologies for business transformation

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We are pleased to announce the top 10 technologies for business transformation publication, which includes global perspectives from more than 740 leaders (76 percent C-Suite) and 600 Millennials working in the technology industry.


  • Internet of Things (IoT) was again ranked by industry leaders as the top driver of business transformation over the next three years. Millennials ranked IoT second.

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) was the biggest gainer in this year’s survey of industry leaders. RPA improved from ninth to second place in the rankings.

  • Blockchain showed the next largest jump, rising from seventh place to tied for fourth.

  • Artificial intelligence maintained its strong position, placing third in this year’s survey. 

Disruptive companies

  • Amazon, Apple, and Alibaba were named by global tech industry leaders as the companies they worry the most about disrupting their business.
  • Certain industries are more susceptible to disruption than others. Over the next three years, survey respondents expect these industries to experience the greatest transformation as a direct result of emerging technologies:
  1. Telecommunications
  2. Industrial manufacturing
  3. Healthcare/Life sciences
  4. Aerospace and defense
  5. Financial services

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Disruptive business models

  • Global technology industry leaders ranked eCommerce as the business model they expect to cause the most disruption to their businesses in the next three years.
  • eCommerce giants are pioneering the use of new technologies like AI, speech recognition, drones, and autonomous vehicles. There are also frequent headlines about extending their reach and disrupting other sectors like food delivery, healthcare, insurance, energy, and prescription drugs.
  • Social networking platforms ranked second as they strive to capture an ever-larger percentage of consumer mind share and wallet with new offerings like exclusive and original content, live sporting events, augmented/virtual reality, educational services, and cryptocurrencies.


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