Executive summary

KPMG’s Women in Alternative Investments (WAI) Report spotlights the bold practices of investors and firms that seek to drive meaningful change in gender diversity. This Report is valuable for investors, firm leaders, diversity and human resources personnel and other change agents who want to improve diversity within alternative investments.

The WAI Report incorporates insights from an online survey of 886 alternative investment professionals globally and from interviews with industry leaders, including firm leaders, fund managers, and investors.

This year’s WAI Report focuses on action:

  1. Bridging the gap: Exposing gaps in perception to facilitate joint action
  2. Investors driving change: Showcasing investor practices that advance diversity
  3. Firms taking action: Spotlighting firms that are taking meaningful steps to improve diversity
  4. Individuals taking responsibility: Making public respondents’ 4 commitment to advance gender diversity 


This industry takes on the toughest challenges in the world, so why can’t it view gender diversity as a complex business problem and solve it? Many firm leaders are thinking about this as a social or ideological issue when they should be thinking about it as a complex series of problems to be solved.
—Theresa Whitmarsh, Executive Director of Washington State Investment Board & Agenda Contributor, World Economic Forum